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New Original Art Greeting Cards

FINALLY! Cards with a purpose! I wanted to figure out a way to create a greeting card that serves a purpose besides taking up space in a shoe box inside a closet for years. That's when I came up with the expandable art greeting card.  No Text, no logo, and when unfolded, it creates a beautiful 6" x 8" Brittany Kane Art original design with a blank, bright white, matte finish on the other side, making them completely customizable (for ANY occasion or no occasion at all!). Sometimes people need a little something to brighten their day at any moment, not just the fancy Holidays. Now, you can send a piece of colorful artwork with a message at any time of...

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"The Nonessential" Podcast

I sat down with Christine Keller on her podcast "The Nonessential" to talk about the evolution of my art career, the ending of my corporate hospitality career due to COVID-19, my gardening & cooking, and everything in between!

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