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New NEW New!

Hey Fam! End of February and beginning of March was a busy month for me... and then I took a two week break ;) because we all need some time to ourselves, and if we don't make it for ourselves then no one else will! (Some random advice on this Monday haha) Now, I have new original paintings that have been released with more to come, new art up at Long Table Brewhouse here in Denver, new greeting card options including an awesome 6pc. set of Colorado themed cards, NFT's up on rarible.com, and was a guest for my own episode on 'The Nonessential Podcast' which you can find on Spotify and all major podcast streaming platforms.Up next, new original...

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New Original Art Greeting Cards

FINALLY! Cards with a purpose! I wanted to figure out a way to create a greeting card that serves a purpose besides taking up space in a shoe box inside a closet for years. That's when I came up with the expandable art greeting card.  No Text, no logo, and when unfolded, it creates a beautiful 6" x 8" Brittany Kane Art original design with a blank, bright white, matte finish on the other side, making them completely customizable (for ANY occasion or no occasion at all!). Sometimes people need a little something to brighten their day at any moment, not just the fancy Holidays. Now, you can send a piece of colorful artwork with a message at any time of...

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"The Nonessential" Podcast

I sat down with Christine Keller on her podcast "The Nonessential" to talk about the evolution of my art career, the ending of my corporate hospitality career due to COVID-19, my gardening & cooking, and everything in between!

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