About the Artist


I began painting in 2018, as a way to manage the stress of working a corporate job, but I have been creating since childhood. One of my favorite memories of my grandpa is us creating a stack of drawings and colorings. We would hang up each piece around the basement and treat it as an art gallery where my grandma would come in and buy them. I began selling and showing my art in 2020, at the height of the pandemic. My first public showing was hanging art at Long Table Brewhouse, which is why it is so near and dear to my heart. I sold my very first painting the next day, and the rest is history! I continue to sell many paintings but have also expanded into clocks, throw pillows, clothing, and so many greeting cards, all featuring my art! I prefer to create experimental and abstract artwork that is bold and filled with color. I want the viewer and space to be engulfed with energy, while inspiring conversation and thought.

I want to do what I love (create/design/paint) and help my community and the world around me. I also hope that I can inspire others to do the same in following their passion. We have a lot of life to live, and it shouldn't be wasted doing things that don't make us happy and fulfilled.

I was born and raised in Sioux Falls and then Brandon, South Dakota. At 19, I moved to Kansas City, Missouri where I lived in the Westport area and studied at the University of Missouri - Kansas City. A few years after college, I moved to Denver, Colorado where I have called home for the last 8 years. I love animals, especially my fur baby a black cat named Puss. I have over 80 plants, ranging from a tropical pitcher plant to jalapeños to san pedros. I'm a killer chef in kitchen and the ultimate self-proclaimed foodie. I love to eat amazing food! Traveling, concerts, and comedy shows are things I try to enjoy often. Most waking hours I spend with my partner, Josh, who is an extremely talented artist himself and my number one fan.