About the Artist

Brittany Kane is a Denver-based artist known for her wide range of colors, mediums, and homemade techniques used in order to create vibrant, abstract artworks. She has no formal art training and is very experimental in her paintings and styles, but keeps the colorful theme consistent throughout. She also uses her fun and abstract paintings to design products for every day life, including art prints for home decor, throw pillows, wall clocks, tapestries, Apple Watch bands, stickers, greeting cards, phone cases, and more. Soon she will be expanding to clothing and next will be in to the clothing section with her own line of wearable art. Her hopes are that through her artwork she can make people smile and will bring a sense of happiness to anyone who experiences it. 

When she is not in her Denver art studio you can find her outside in the garden or nature, inside the kitchen cooking homemade bolognese, handmade eggrolls, or her famous spicy edamame! She also loves going camping and enjoying the outdoors, rocking out at concerts with friends, and snuggling with her cat watching comedy shows like the The Office, Schitts' Creek, or Reno911.